Mensa Mail

What is MensaMail? MensaMail is a free e-mail forwarding service offered exclusively to our members. The service allows you to use an address which prestigiously denotes that you are a member of Mensa. Your address will be of the form "". For example, if your name is Winnie Chan, you would be "". Note that we will use only lower case, not capitals, to avoid confusion. Optionally, you may have just the initials of your firstname(s) followed by your surname, e.g. "". We will not allow any other names, such as nicknames or "handles" - this could lower the tone of our esteemed society!

How does
it work?
MensaMail is not a mailbox service. You must have an existing Internet e-mail account in order to use the service. All mail addressed to your MensaMail address will be forwarded automatically, normally within a few seconds, to your specified e-mail address.

MensaMail handles incoming mail only. You will still need your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or a web-mail account to send outgoing mail. On your e-mail software, set the option called   "e-mail address" or "reply to" to your new MensaMail address. Then your MensaMail address will appear on the header when recipients read your mail.

Why should
I use it?
You can change ISPs easily without anyone else knowing. Just tell us your new e-mail address, and we will redirect your MensaMail account. You can even have the mail sent to one of the popular web-mail systems.

MensaMail offers flexibility in your choice of ISPs, without being bombarded with advertising every time you check your e-mail, as can happen with the popular web-mail systems.

Recognition - your friends and colleagues will know that you are a member of Mensa without directly telling them. As we all know, it's not the kind of thing you normally tell people because they can find it intimidating or even arrogant. If your friends ask you about your address, then this is a chance to promote the society.

Privacy - your correspondents will not know which ISP you use, or which firm you work for, since they will not see its name in your e-mail address.

It's free!

Rules for the
use of
1. Each member in good standing is entitled to one free e-mail address.

2. E-mail addresses must be of the form "" or alternatively "". In case of name disputes, the decision of the Chairman shall be final.

3. Each holder of a MensaMail account undertakes to notify the Chairman immediately in the event of changing their real e-mail address, whereupon their MensaMail address will be forwarded to their new address as soon as practicable.

4. In using a MensaMail address, members shall not hold themselves out as representing HK Mensa unless they are acting within their capacity as a member of, or under the authority of, the Committee.

5. Members are reminded that under the Constitution, they may not publicly express opinions or make statements on behalf of HK Mensa as a Society, and that HK Mensa shall not take any political action other than the results of its investigations, nor have any ideological, philosophical, political or religious affiliations.

6. In accordance with the Constitution, members who do not pay the required subscription or dues set or modified from time to time by the Committee shall be deemed resigned. Consequently their e-mail address will be removed from

7. Any breach of these rules shall constitute sufficient grounds for immediate removal of the MensaMail privilege from the member concerned.

8. Hong Kong Mensa accepts no liability for any loss howsoever arising from the use of MensaMail.

Request Form
Please create/amend my MensaMail account with the details set out below. I agree to be bound by the Rules for the Use of MensaMail set out on this page.

Member's surname:

Member's first name(s):

HK Mensa membership number:
(Note: Mensamail is only provided to members of HK Mensa that are in good standing.)

The first 3 digits of Member's HKID number:
(Note: E.g. enter 123 if your HKID number is: Z123456(A). This is required to validate your request on our database.)

Preferred MensaMail address: Rule 2 above)

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